This blog has been set-up by Daniel Edgcumbe – PhD student in cognitive neuroscience at The University of East London.

The aim of this blog is to spread the knowledge from the latest research in cognitive neuroscience and psychology. We aim to help readers become more informed about the decisions they make and how to make optimize decision-making. We show the pitfalls in decision-making and shortcuts for fast and efficient decision-making.

As you read this blog you will find that real-world decision-making is divided into 8 rooms. The rooms give examples and explain how decisions can be made in each of these areas of life. We interpret the scientific literature in each of these areas and show you were to find more information.

The court room deals with legal and forensic decision-making.

The finance room deals with financial decision-making.

The political room deals with decision-making in all areas of politics.

The advertising room deals with decision-making in advertising.

The sport room deals with all sport related decision-making.

The nature room deals with decision-making the environment and animals.

The health room deals with all health-related decision-making.

The gambling room deals with decision-making in all areas of gambling.

There are two different ways to navigate 1) follow the menu links , or 2) type the name of the room that you wish to browse in the search bar on the right of the blog e.g., ‘The finance room’, alternatively you can search for an individual heuristic or bias e.g., ‘anchoring’.